Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: I need to find a new home for my pet. Can you help?

A: Sadly, this question is asked of us more frequently than any other.

Buddy Up Animal Society’s mission is to help animals who urgently need rescue because they’ve run out of options in the shelter system. These “last-chance” shelter animals are at risk of being killed because of health or behavioral issues that make finding homes for them challenging.

We do not take owner surrenders, so that we can focus our resources on finding homes for animals whose lives are on the line now — we encourage owners who feel they need to surrender their pets to do all that they can to remain committed to their pets as members of their family who deserve every chance to stay at home successfully.

We can help connect you with resources for resolving whatever problem you’re having with your pet. If you feel that you’ve tried everything you can and you’ve run out of resources, we can help you network your pet so that s/he might find a home without having to be surrendered to a shelter.

People most often feel the need to surrender their dogs because of behavioral issues, which can be resolved with a good trainer or with a veterinarian’s exam to find out if they’re caused by illness.

To help you find the right resources or possible fosters or adopters, we’ll need good photos, and we’ll need to know details such as the following:

  • From where did you get the pet? Breeders and rescues should take pets back if there is a problem, and in fact, most rescues require that you return an animal to them rather than give the animal away.
  • If you want to re-home the animal because s/he has behavioral issues,
    • What are the issues?
    • How much exercise a day do they get?
    • Have you engaged a behaviorist or trainer?
    • Has s/he had a veterinary exam — is s/he sore, arthritic, or overweight, in pain, or sick?
    • Do you know the pet’s parents — is there any known aggression or inbreeding in the line?
Local rescues who help those who need to re-home their dogs include the following:
And excellent local dog training and rehabilitation resources include the following:

Q: I’m looking for the right dog / cat for my family — can you help?

A: This is one of our favorite questions — we love seeing homeless dogs and cats find the perfect forever family! To help you, we need to know something about your lifestyle, needs, and preferences. Please fill out and submit our Dog Adoption Application or Cat Adoption Application, so we can get to work!

Q: Does Buddy Up transport dogs from down south?

A: While the State of Maine has permitted (#2012-0025) Buddy Up to bring cats and dogs into Maine for adoption, our primary mission is to save animals who are at risk for euthanasia right here in Maine shelters due to behavioral or health issues that shelters don’t have the resources to deal with.

From time to time, we may learn through friends, family, or colleagues, of a dog or cat who is in another state and will be in jeopardy without our help. If we have the resources (often, a dedicated sponsorship for the animal), we do transport animals to Maine to help rehome them.

Q: Where are you located?

A: We do not have a physical location currently. We are a group of rescuers in the Greater Portland and Midcoast areas who help area shelters to find alternatives for the animals they consider to be difficult to adopt. We reach out to foster homes and day care and boarding facilities to give animals a safe place to stay until they’re adopted. We engage behaviorists, trainers, and veterinarians to help resolve whatever issue might be causing the animals to be difficult to adopt. We are working to raise enough money to buy or build a boarding facility of our own, so that we have the most readily available safe harbor to offer. Please donate to toward this goal if you can. Thank you!

Q: Why Do You Charge an Adoption Donation Fee — Why Do I Have to Pay to Help a Rescue?

A: Buddy Up’s costs for doing the rescue work we do add up to tens of thousands of dollars a year for things we have to pay for: supplies, licenses and permits, fuel, pet food, veterinary care, and boarding, to name a few.

Each rescue can cost Buddy Up a minimum of up to $1,000, even if they’re in our care for only a month — and many are with us for several months. Here, for example, are average costs associated with dogs we rescue:

Testing and Vaccinations
Spay / Neuter
$25 / month
$200+ / month
Dental, if needed
Our cost — short-term, minimum
$370 – $1,045

Yet we ask for, at most, $350 as an adoption donation for some dogs to partially offset our costs. We try to recoup the rest through generous donations from other supporters.

The value of the countless hours of time that volunteers donate for all kinds of work (setting policy and procedures, designing and producing communications, managing finances, coordinating people and projects, planning for and attending adoption events, coordinating meet and greets, communicating with fosters and adopters) is impossible to account for, and if we had to pay them, the per-animal adoption fee would have to be much higher.

Q: Are my donations tax deductible?


A: Yes! The Internal Revenue Service has exempted Buddy Up Animal Society from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; therefore, contributions to Buddy Up, being classified as a public charity, are deductible under section 170 of the Code. We are also qualified to receive tax-deductible bequests, devises, transfers, or gifts under section 2055, 2106, or 2522 of the Code.

Maine Charitable Solicitations License

Buddy Up Animal Society is also licensed to solicit contributions in the State of Maine by the Department of Professional and Financial Regulation.