Foster a Last-Chance Companion

Fostering Is a Vital Part of Rescue

A foster home is a temporary living situation for animals that Buddy Up is helping while they look for a permanent home.

We rely on a strong network of foster homes to help save animals’ lives. We do not yet have a physical shelter, so we offer our homes as temporary shelters. This essentially expands and enhances the shelter system, because animals who go into foster homes get so many more advantages.

BUAS Foster Home Manual

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Foster families provide not only shelter and food, but also the kind of healthy socialization, exercise, domestic routine, sense of security, and stress relief that traditional shelter conditions can’t offer and that are so vitally important for the well being of animals.

When more families open their homes and hearts to foster animals in need, we can save and transform the lives of so many more animals.

Please consider fostering — you won’t believe how satisfying it is to give an innocent soul a safe way station from an uncertain future to their forever home.

Think of It Like Having a House Guest, an Exchange Student….or a Child

Now, your first response might be, “I could never foster; I’d get too attached. It would be too painful to let them go, and I’d end up with a houseful of animals.”

But why should a companion animal be any different than a house guest, an exchange student, or your own children? You love them and love having them with you, but there’s always an appropriate time for them to move on to the fulfillment of their lives.

BUAS Foster Application Download

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You can help them do that — the alternative, truthfully, is that they will likely lose that chance forever.

Think of Your Home as a Rescue Bridge

It’s all in your frame of mind. If you take in a companion animal with the intention of helping her cross over from peril to safety, you are filled with a sense of purpose, satisfaction, and joy when you hand her off to her forever family.

No question, it’s an emotional moment, but there’s so much more joy and love in that moment than sorrow.

On to the next joyful moment: Realizing you’re now able to help another rescued animal survive and thrive!

It’s not about having animals; it’s about helping them.


Buddy Up Animal Society Foster Application

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