A Buddy To Squish

December 9, 2014

in Buddy Up Rescues

How could anyone resist this mug?!

How could anyone resist this mug?!

We’d like to tell you the story of one of our favorite little wiggle worms: Squish.
Squish came to us as quite a different dog than the pup we know now. He was rescued from New York City after a video from a volunteer in the shelter there landed in our laps. We saw a scared pup, but one so full of love that we knew we had to save him from the euthanasia list.

When Squish first came to us he was very unsure of everything. He barely picked his head off of the floor and was very nervous around new people. It took him a little while to trust people, but with a lot of love and a bit of patience squish2he started to learn that humans are pretty fun to be around!

Now, Squish wiggles up to new people confidently. He loves to give high fives and roll over for belly rubs. He bounces around, leans close for cuddles and does a super funny dance that we affectionately call the “Squish-dance.”

Squish is looking for a home with a calm dog who can provide him with companionship and guidance and teach him that the world is a pretty great place. He needs a family who can continue to socialize him and be patient with him, as he still is nervous in new situations. He also needs a family who is around a lot during the day.


Squish is a gentle, goofy dog with a lot of love to give. He will make the best buddy for some lucky family, we know it!

If you’re interested in fostering or adopting this little love bug, please email info@buddyupanimalsociety.org for more information or fill out an Adoption Application! If you’re not looking for a permanent companion, Squish would settle for a foster home while he awaits his forever family. If you are not able to foster or adopt right now, please help us spread the word about Squish. We know his perfect match is out there!



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